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What is Simbi?

Simbi is an online reading platform where users can record their voice as a narrator, and then other users can read along to their narration.  When you read along, you listen to the book being read for you and you also follow along while the words are highlighted. This bi-modal reading approach improves fluency 2 times faster than other types of reading! 

Simbi exists to empower people to "read for good,” in both the context of lifelong learning and a desire to create positive social impact. Our products make reading meaningful by enabling our readers to read along and read aloud to a growing library of books and seamlessly access the world’s largest repository of culturally-diverse narrator accents. 

To access Simbi, please use the 'Read on Simbi' link on the top bar. Or, visit https://read.simbi.io

How do I get started with Simbi Reading Coach?

To sign up for a Simbi Reading Coach, you'll first need to sign up for an account. On the home page, click 'Sign Up’' to set up your account. Then, click  'Browse Coaches”. Each coach has unique skills, qualifications, and availability.  Once you've selected your coach, you can book your first session  and purchase the Simbi Reading Coach plan that best suits your child. If you have any questions for the coach, you can message them personally! 

How does Simbi Reading Coach work?

Simbi Reading Coach is an online reading tutoring program that combines live instruction with personalized reading practice.

For 30 minutes per week, learners will meet with their coach in an online classroom through coach.simbi.io. Their Simbi coach will use a variety of engaging visuals, activities, and books to support them in meeting their specific reading goals.  Once per month, their coach will complete a Reading Competency Assessment for the learner to track reading progress and set goals for upcoming coaching sessions. 

To complement the tutoring, learners will receive access to the Simbi reading platform, where they can narrate and read along to books from the global library.  Coaches will listen-in to their learner's narrations and provide feedback to encourage them in their reading. Coaches can monitor and track learner reading activity during the week and support readers on the platform. 

Students who work with a Simbi Reading Coach have been shown to increase reading fluency and comprehension 3x faster than the typical reader.


Who teaches for Simbi?

Our Simbi Reading Coaches come from all around the world and have diverse backgrounds and teaching experiences. Coaches have a University degree, outstanding communications skills and have completed a background check. 

They enjoy creating a positive social impact and are willing to empower students to learn and develop personalized reading skills at their own pace.

What will my learner need for each session?

A stable internet connection, a device (tablet, laptop, or computer) with a minimum operating system of Windows 7 or Mac OS 10.x, with a memory of 4GB of RAM, Zoom video conferencing app installed to the device, and microphone and camera capabilities. Cellphones are not encouraged to be used during coaching sessions.

How does Simbi handle time zones?

Upon signing up, you will be prompted to enter your time zone. This will allow us to match your child’s sessions with coach availability and time zones.

Can I sync my calendar to Simbi?

Yes! Users can sync Google Calendar to Simbi by visiting the Account Settings tab on the left side of the Simbi Reading Coach learner dashboard. You will then see the option to "Connect to Google” on the right side of the Account Settings page.

Can my learner meet with their coach more than once per week?

Of course! Once you purchase your Simbi Reading Coach plan, you can increase the number of coaching sessions per week. Simply purchase the number of additional "Single Lessons,” that meets your learner’s needs, and use these extra lessons whenever you’d like!

Can I cancel a coaching session?

To cancel a coaching session, log in and access the learner dashboard. click on "Lessons" on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then, click "Enter Classroom" (on the right of your coach's name and profile photo). Next, click on the "Cancel" button at the top right-hand side of the screen. You will then have the option to reschedule your session. 

What happens if I cancel or miss a lesson?


If the session is cancelled with over 24 hrs notice, this will not result in the learner losing their weekly session. The session can simply be rescheduled.

If the learner cancels after the 24hr window or does not show up to the session, they will forfeit their session and must use a purchased session. *Note: If the learner has not joined the session after 10 minutes of the scheduled meeting time, they will forfeit their session and must use a purchased session for their next meeting.


Can I join my child’s session-beyond helping them sign on at the beginning of the session and signed off at the end?

Yes, parents can remain with their child during the session. We kindly ask that parents do not actively participate in the session and simply act as observers.

Can my child change coaches?

If you feel that you would like to change your Simbi Reading Coach, please reach out to: [email protected] for assistance.

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